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User manual

Giessen Sie Bioethanol nach, erst wenn das Feuer erlöscht hat.

Instruction Manual

Gel fuelled fireplaces are the environmentally friendly solution to a real fire without the need for a flue or gas supply. Suitable for homes without a chimney. No installation is required with these hang on the wall Gel/Bio-ethanol fuel fireplaces. Fireplaces are made from stainless steel. Each fireplace includes 2 to 3 fuel cans and a can holder that prevents cans from tipping. The fireplace comes with a fire extinguisher to close down the flames instantly.

Assembly & Installation

  • The fireplace must only be hung on a solid wall of non-flammable material.
  • Please remove all packaging and wrapping material before assembly.
  • We recommend a minimum distance of 60cm/23.6 inch between the floor and the opening of the burner reservoir.
  • Fix the 2pcs Isolation Mounting Bracket onto the wall(see right picture).
  • Please make sure to use studs that suit the walls construction.

Starting Up:

  • Fill the three reservoir containers with gel fuel, up to the maximum of 2/3rds of each can. Then light with a naked flame. Long lighters are ideal although matches can also be used as long as dead matches are not put into the tin. The flame will light slowly and spread across the surface of the gel.
  • Spilled gel must be removed with an absorbent tissue and cleaned with water to prevent ignition outside the burner reservoir.
  • CAUTION: Spilled alcohol may lead to matt stains on parquet flooring.
  • ATTENTION: The fuel should be stored at room temperature to facilitate its ignition.
  • CAUTION: Fuel must be kept in safe distance (min. 1m/40 inch) to the fireplace. Do not place fuel in front of the fireplace.
  • In case the flame does not ignite, please repeat the ignition process until the flame burns steadily.
  • Fuel will burn low at first. Please allow 15 minutes to reach the optimum temperature and flame height.


  • CAUTION: Never pour fuel into the burning flame!
  • CAUTION: Allow the burner to cool down for at least 15 minutes before refilling. Do not pour fuel into the hot burner.
  • To refill, follow instruction below.


  • CAUTION: Never extinguish the flame with water!
  • Let the fuel burn out completely if possible. This prevents alcohol left in the reservoir and deflagration when reigniting.
  • If you wish to extinguish the flame before the fuel has completely burned out. Please use the fire killer to fully close the opening of the fuel can and wait until the flame is extinguished. Wait approximately 30 minutes until the burner has reached room temperature. Only then dispose of the remaining fuel.
  • In case the flame is not extinguished immediately. Please close the cover and wait app. 10-15 minutes to allow the flame to cool down. Repeat the above instruction until the flame is fully extinguished.

Maintenance/Care Instructions:

  • The fireplace and reservoirs must be cleaned regularly. Use warm water and washing-up liquid.
  • Marks can be best removed with a soft cloth and a mixture of lukewarm water and a small amount of cleaning liquid(ph
  • netural). We recommend to clean the stainless steel item regularly to prevent contamination.
  • CAUTION: Never use chemicals, Steel
  • wool or scrubbing sponges either. The surface can be scratched by these. The manufacturer can not be held responsible for any damages resulting out of false use and / or cleaning of the product.


Gel/Bio-ethanol is a naturally derived plant-based fuel. As with all plant-based fuels, there is no net gain of greenhouse gasses when Gel is burned. The amount of carbon released is equal to the amount that's required to grow the plant.

Safety instruction

  • The fireplaces should only be placed on a non-flamable wall.
  • The Bio-fire will use oxygen from the air inside the room where it is operated. The rooms should be well ventilated with enough oxygen and fresh air being supplied(i.e. slightly open windows if room is not vented)
  • When ventilated, the room where the fireplace is operated in should not be smaller than 44m3/1550cuf(with an average ceiling height of 2.30m/8ft, the room should be at least 20m3/215sqf).
  • It is not recommended to use more than one fireplace at a time in one room.
  • Never leave an open fire unattended at any time!
  • CAUTION: Do not touch the fireplace while burning. Please allow at least 15 minutes to cool down before touching the product after flame is extinguished.
  • Never pour fuel into an open flame or into the burner reservoir unless it has cooled down for at least 15 minutes after use.
  • The fireplace is not suitable for heating purposes.
  • Do not store more than 5 liters/1.3 gallons of flammable liquids in your apartment.
  • Keep fuel containers closed tightly.
  • Keep fuel away from children and animals.
  • The burning reservoir and Fuel must not be exposed to direct heat such as direct sunshine or central heating.
  • Do not place any flammable material within 1 Meter/40 inches around the fireplace. A safety distance of at least 2 meters/80 inches should be kept from any window or curtain. Product should not be used with a mantle and shelving should be minimum or 1 Meter/40 inches from the fireplace.
  • CAUTION: Do not smoke while handling the fuel.
  • Avoid draught in the room where the fireplace is operated.
  • Avoid draught causing movements in the proximity of the fireplace as these might fan the flame.
  • Please pay attention when filling the fire cans with gel or ethanol:
    • liquid fuel next to the cans can cause un-expected flames. Do not refill cans until they have completely cooled down.
    • Do not refill while burning as major injury might occur. Always follow the instructions on the ethanol/gel bottle/can.
    • The fireplace fuel doses or cans should be changed minimum 1 time a year.
    • Due to the heat of the fireplace children and animals should stay away during and 1-2 hours after use of the fireplace.
    • Do not store any flammable goods close to the fireplace.
    • Please remember to fill gel/bio-ethanol to a maximum of 2/3 of each can.